PowerBar Energy Gels


PowerBar PowerGels

PowerBar PowerGels consist of twenty four sachets of strawberry and banana flavored concentrated carbohydrate gel with caffeine. The proven C2MAX dual source carbohydrate mix contains a special ratio of glucose and fructose along with sodium, (the main electrolyte lost through sweat) providing immediate energy delivery. The easy to carry compact foil packets contain twenty five milligrams of caffeine, ten grams of sugar and twenty seven grams of total carbs. These energy gels for running have a more liquid consistency making them easier to consume and digest with water during a race. The sachets are easy to open and empty completely.

PowerBar Performance Energy Power Gel, Gluten Free Chocolate

PowerBar Performance Energy Power Gel, Gluten Free Chocolate contains 27 to 28 grams of PowerBar’s C2MAX dual source energy blend, which can help deliver 20 to 50 percent more energy to your muscles and the highest composition of sodium of any leading gel on the market. “>PowerBar Energy Gels contain no artificial flavors and are gluten free. They have a non sweet refreshing taste while the double caffeine always picks you up. They are convenient to carry in an arm band or pocket. and easy to consume while running.

Gel Blasts Cola

Gel Blasts Cola 12pk are great tasting bite sized energy chews formulated to maintain your energy levels during strenuous exercise. They contain a C2 max optimized carbohydrate blend formulated with the same ratio of carbohydrate sources shown to increase endurance performance by an average of 8% compared to glucose alone.
The bite sized pieces come in an easy to open resealable pouch. Six out of the nine pieces per pack provide the energy equivalent to one energy gel. They are an ideal energy snack. The chews don’t get all melty or gooey in hot weather. They have a tasty flavor and contain no artificial colors. They are easy to eat and can be taken as required as the bag is resealable.

Powerbar Mixed PowerPack (Mixed Pack) by Powerbar

Powerbar Mixed PowerPack (Mixed Pack) by Powerbar are a great way to experiment with new flavors. They contains all the different Flavors of each Powerbar Gel, Powerbar Energy Blasts, and Powerbar Energy Bars.
This gives you the opportunity to try all flavors without buying entire boxes.